About Us

Two Bananas was founded in part as a direct result of experiencing first hand as marketers, the uncertain effects that result when organizations attempt to incorporate social media technologies into their marketing mix. Companies that recognize the importance of assessing internal readiness, and having the best strategy in place before committing to such activities are much more successful in using social media as an enabling technology. The reality, however, is usually much different. We focus on transforming people and processes, to help ensure that organizations are prepared to reap the benefits of the new reality of a socialized world.

We help organizations navigate through the maze of decisions that make up the new reality of a socialized marketplace. We work with some of the top technology providers in the CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, and Social Media arenas. Our focus, however, is not in the technologies themselves, nor in how they work in concert (some might call this wishful thinking). We help organizations assess their internal human strengths and weaknesses, their business processes, and their modes of communicating, sharing, and leveraging the effective dialog that occurs in a robust business.

Social business requires seamless cross functional communications, and ultimately should behave as a single knowledgeable individual when communicating with a customer. This is the challenge for any organization, and even the best technologies available cannot replace the core requirement of internal competency.